Judge Quotes

I think it's bulls.hit when employers can't be bothered to let someone know that they didn't get a job. like all you have to do is send an email that says no thanks. it's not that hard. if you reviwed the application it's as easy as copy and pasting some generic rejection letter. don't pull that "don't contact us, we'll get ahold of you if we're interested" bulls.hit and just let them assume they didn't get the job after waiting for however long.

I just don't think people understand how something so little can matter so much to someone else
so stop being shallow minded and quick judging
because you're not the only person in this world. 
👌It's ok to not judge👌 😘😘😘
Peope don't change. We are who we are and who we were meant to be. So stop wishing we would be different. And I wouldn't want to be anyone else. You judging me doesn't show who I am. But who you are.
go ahead, judge me. just remeber to be perfect for the rest of your life..
Don't judge me for my choices when you don't understand my reasons.
Your tattoo says 'Only God Can Judge Me' yet, here I am.
Please don’t judge me as I will judge you, because it could get ugly before it gets beautiful
they judge me like
a picture book
by the colors,
like they forgot to read

Do not try to deny it

You WIIL be judged

The point is if you really care 'bout what they say

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