Juliasheer Quotes

So can we just slow down,
while you make this

Just slow down,
so my heart don't

Now I know that you were so deceiving
Was it fun for you to walk away
I hope you liked it
Cause she's so damn easy
You won't change
Holding hands in June
Makes me think of you
&& the way we danced under
The summer moon
When you lay me down
Softly hit the ground
Smile with the night
That's where it alll felt right
All felt right
I didn't see this coming thought
That we were fine now I know I'm
Wrong but the hardest part
Is thst goodbye Is forever
&& how your moving on
&& I was yours at the perfect
Time but I just had to leave
Looking back endless memories
In a photograph come back
Wishing for another day with you
&& I won't forget you
I dont regret you
But the hardest thing I had to do was
Live without you && I keep on wondering
Why we both walked away
&& Now I'm deafened by your silence
Blinded by the tears uf you're looking for
Forgiveness you won't find that here
Cause you lied your way to heartbreak
&& Now it's all to clear
That you will never be
How did we ever come to this
I never thought you'd be someone I have to miss
&& There I was caught in your game needing
Answers that never came && we took a chance
You said you were strong strong enough
But you were wrong
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