Justwondering Quotes

I know
it's Mad,

But if
to Hell

Will you
come with


Just Leave?

Tan people with blonde hair; why do you even shave?
Hey, I'm wondering if I started a fiction story on here would any of you read it?

kind of want to work on my writing before I start my creative writing class next fall :)
Worrying, only ever leads to stress which is never really a good thing but we can never really help doing either thing, can we?
Has anyone really missed me on here?
I will never understand how I wake up in the morning sometimes with a random bruise or a cut.
Am I hitting myself in my sleep, or is there some alien doing experiments on me?

Not trying to be a hater or anything,
But doesn't Lea Michele look like the female version of Michael Trevino?
If you could have one superpower what would it be? Comment your answers please.

Anybody else a PSYCH fan?


If killing wasn't illegal, will the world be a better place?


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