Kbye Quotes

If you don't use
an empty house
to sing obnoxiously
and off key
in your underwear,
you are doing life wrong
Don't you ever forget
the direction of your
In a few minutes
I have to out my iPod
And laptop away...

I don't wanna do normal school work

If you're going to get in trouble for hitting someone, might as well hit them hard.
in the car do you ever like pretend you're in a music video and you go all slow motion
why does witty always tell me to "cool my jets" when they don't add my quote.
okay no you cool your jets because you're the one who didn't add my quote.
don't ever tell me to "cool my jets" again or i will cut you.

kbye. x
Sometimes when I have nothing to do...
I sit down and think about you.
So dim that spotlight,
tell me things like

I cant take my eyes off of you
Wikihow is fSeriously though. I just Googled "how to fall in love" and there was an article for it. Just omg, bro. Omg.ucking halarious.
You only live once.

But  if you live it right,once is enough.
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