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I Love daddy BASIIII Xo thekidbasi 😅😍😋

When I was a kid I spent my Saturday's
Blowin' on Nintendo games

She saw the blood from her head drip onto her hand and began to let out soft cries. She wanted to scream but she knew she must tolerate the pain enough not to scream, otherwise she would risk being struck again. Six year old Noelle had no idea what she did wrong, but she was really sorry. 

She struggled to her feet and crept up the stairs, quietly counting every step as if they were the sheep she counted at night. One step, two, three, four––BANG! She wasn’t quiet enough. “Stop crying, f*cking brat!” Norman walked away. He was the worst. Noelle struggled to stand up again, she fought to swallow her tears. Not just because of the pain, but because Norman knocked the tooth out of her mouth and she couldn’t find it. She really really, really wanted to see the tooth fairy. 

Noelle arrived in her room and reached under her bed for her doctors kit that she got for christmas. A bunch of toy supplies in a paper Costco bag labeled “Dr. Noelle." She opened it briskly and reached for the dentists mirror. As she stared at her tiny reflection she could see the blood run over the bruises on her face, occasionally intertwining with her tears. She lifted up her shirt and counted seven. Seven spots of blue and black torture. 

Mother would call it an accident. I wondered what kind of accident would hurt me with 7 spots. Mother was really good at making up stories.

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Warmer, warmer, cold. You're this close to discovering the truth, and I don't want to ruin your innocence, your naïvety, your loveliness. You're translucent, and you terrify me at the worst of times. Just stop being so nice.
Why cant i be a kid again?
This little fat obese kid nearly pushed me over today and didn't even say sorry, stupid idiot!
so, I almost hit a kid (teen) tonight.
I was driving into town with my sister,
and when we were just starting in, we
were behind a car that had to swerve 
to go around two kids (again, they were
teens) that were goofing off on the side
of the road. I was fairly close behind the 
car, so I copied them quickly because
there was a hill and you can't do that
s.hit on a hill. anyway, as soon as I 
swerved over, the kid on the inside
f.ucking darts into the right lane and
swings his arm out. seeing as I was
still mainly in the right lane, it scared 
the s.hit out of me. I probably just 
missed him. I don't know if he was
just going off of sound and thought
the only car coming was the car
in front of me, or if he was being a
little s.hit on purpose, or if he was
drunk (teen doesn't mean s.hit when
it comes to alcohol), but either way,
I have this extreme urge to go back 
and beat some sense into the moron.
It p.isses me off because if I would
have hit the f.ucker, that would have
been on me, not him- the one that
jumped in front of the road with
arms out wide.

I hate people.

A child looked up at his father and asked; "What is it that makes a man?".
 The father replied, "A person who takes responsibility for his family and house, and takes care of them."

Then the child said, "I hope I'll be a man like mum one day...".
Chin up, kid.
They'd kill to see you fall.
When I was younger, I always wanted to look like Amy the Hedgehog.
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