Kim Quotes

Money don't always come with a price.
If you are Kim Kardashian...
You will never understand

    SO think.... when im getting socks, she's getting world recognization and money....
My whole life I wanted to be Kim Possible,
but instead I turned out to be Wade.
North West: Daddy, what are you famous for?
Kanye: Rapping.
North West: Mummy, what are you famous for?
*awkward silence*
  Make fun of Kanye and Kim's baby all you want, that kid is headed straight to the top,
and slightly to the left..  

Northwest..whats next ?
Brad pitt naming his child arm ?
Imagine Kim's baby when it first goes to school.

'So, what's your name?'
'North west'
'no, seriously.'

that kid.  
The only thing worse than Kim and Kanye naming their child North West 
would be if Drake Bell had a kid and named it Taco.
You can bash North West all you want but remember this
That kid is going straight to the top..... and a little bit to the left.
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