Kitty Quotes

Like Snapchat, but only of my cats


Bree: Oh, hi, Kitty. Can I talk to you for a second? I was so psyched that a fellow Cheerio was nominated for Prom Queen. 
Kitty: Thanks Bree. 
Bree: And then I heard that you weren't going to campaign for it and instead you were throwing your support to that Asian girl from Glee club because you thought it was "her turn." Now, if that's true, you might wanna tie yourself down, because this is gonna be a rough ride. I just wanted to remind you that a Cheerio has not won prom queen for several years now, we've had prom queens from Glee club, including the Jewish girl and a gay dude. And if we're not careful, I swear to god, we're gonna have a black transsexual named Unique as prom queen, before we have a Cheerio as prom queen. Now I know you’re thinking to yourself, ‘But oh-em-gee, Bree, I love the Asian girl from Glee Club!’ Well punch yourself in the face so I don’t have to. I do not give a flying FART, and the Cheerios do not give a flying FART, about how much you love your sisters from Glee Club. You have 51 weeks out of the year to ‘love your sisters from Glee Club,’ and this week is not, I repeat NOT, one of them. THIS week is about winning prom queen for the Cheerios, and that’s not gonna happen if you’re off campaigning for Kim Chee Cohen Barf, or WHO-EVER; are you an idiot, Kitty? That’s not a rhetorical question, I literally want you to tell me if you’re mentally slow, so I can be sure you’re not nominated for future prom court.
I' m a kitty.
Meow :3



I'm proud of it ♥
Night falls and stars show bright.
You lie down, your stress you fight.
Day, the sun, tis all long away.
Close your eyes and dream.
Open and in your window it streams.
Light of the bright morning.
You sigh and nod, you saw this coming.
Getting up you are still very tired.
You drink something, you get wired.
You are hyper for an hour.
Till your day goes sour.
Go to youtube watch a video with a kitty.
This reminds you 'Let me go check witty'.

Just sitting pretty
Stroking an imaginary kitty
Wishing i could come up with something more witty...
You see. I'm just sitting on me bed alone in my room with my laptop and my cat. I'm scrolling through my news feeds seeing all of these beautiful people doing great things with their friends. And I'm just sitting there, reevaluating my life.       ._.
How do I be a kitty!?!? I'm done with Halloween already .-.
my cat is so fat that it gives her a heart attack just to jump on the couch! XD

scare the sht out of your cats by
filling their kitty litter box with pop rocks.

Rest In Peace 
to my cat Cole <3
I'll miss you baby .
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