Laugh Quotes

Υοu never laugh with the same thing many times..why cry many?

(sad again)

*laughs for 10 minutes*
*stops**catches breath*
*thinks about what made me laugh*
*laughs for 10 more minutes*

If cats could talk, they'd probably always correct your grammar.

What if you were told,
you were dying.
Who would you vist?
Where would you go?
What would you do?
-Would you travel?
-Would you tell that person how you felt about them?


Well you are dying.
We all are.


Thinking about something really funny and trying to control your laughter... This is when you realize your a comical genius.
Isn't it weird how we have one hand that knows how to do everything and then one hand that just sits there like "I don't know how to hold a pencil."
Life is better
when you're

I don't care how loud I'm laughing, I'm having fun and you're not.
Life is better when you're laughing.
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