Lazy Quotes

Things I overheard at uni, 4.
Putting in effort is too much effort.
my family is so weird. like they are verbally abusive and then wonder where the hell my depression comes from. I sleep til 3 because everyone is gone at that point and I don't have to hear how fat and lazy I am at 10 minute intervals.

"I should do something this weekend"
*gets off couch for one second*
"You know what, that was enough"

I seriously haven't posted all this time because I'm too lazy to open my giant fuckking laptop, but I take too much pride in how good my quotes look to use the mobile version.
I am the most stressed out laziest person ever. I don’t even know how I do it
Getting up out of bed is hard work... know...
effort and stuff.
Things You Should Know About Me!
My Girly Side:
() I always have a purse
() I take lip gloss with me EVERYWHERE
(x) I take more than 30 minutes to get ready
(x) I have more than 1 perfume bottles
(depends what the bug is ) I scream when I see a bug

My Nerdy Side:
() I read a lot
() I always have a pen with me
() I like studying
() I count the days 'til school starts
(if i know what we're doing) I like helping people with subjects

My Lazy Side:
(x) When I get ice cream, I don't get a bowl or cup
(x) I enjoy wearing sweats
(x) If I could go to school in pyjamas, I would
( ) I don't brush my hair often
(x) I don't like chores

My Weird side:
(x) I say random words
() I watch cartoons
(x) I have more then one stuffed animals
() I like weird foods
() I get excited around sweet foods

My Annoying Side:
(x ) I'm stuborn
() I can poke you all day until you answer me
(x) I will yell if you don't let me watch something
() I always joke around
() I try changing the subject a lot

My Emo Side:
(x) I like wearing black
() I like heavy medal
() I never smile
( ) I have a weird hair cut
() I like Anime

Copy and paste this quiz and answer it your self!
I've had such a lazy day, today!
*takes 45 minutes to eat one orange*
" im not procrastinating."

I actually love the picture quote setups
but have been far too lazy to learn how to do it.

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