Letters Quotes

this love's shining brighter than gold
this love is like letters in bold
this love is like out of control
this love is never growing old
you make it new
still falling for you


Do you know how many nights I've spent writing and rewriting paragraphs only to never send them to you? How I've spent hours into the night staring at my screen or paper trying to find words that mean something, words that would be worth your attention. Only to give up because my mind isn't capable of expressing what I feel in words. I know that phrase is over-used but I really can't find the words that somehow others can to express what is felt about you. And I hate that, but right now I want you to know I love, appreciate, care for, admire?  DAMNIIT THESE WORDS MEAN NOTHING THEY AREN'T EVEN CLOSE TO WHAT I FEEL. Maybe If I find more emotional words like "My heart pitter-patters for you" no, nobody says that anymore. What about how she affects my life? Who am I kidding, if I knew how she affected my life we wouldn't need to date. Why is this so hard?
Maybe I'll have the words tomorow...

I'm going to bed.
I promise if I ever have a girlfriend
I would write her letters and mail them
The fact that this website doesn't have spell-check makes me question how I ever won a spelling bee 

Letters to my body parts.

Dear eyes,
I am sorry for using you for tears,
but I couldn't help it. I was hurt.
You were always swollen by night.
Red in the morning, I'm sorry.

Dear my nose,
I was always timid about you,
the one that collected my air.
Kept me alive, but was big.
Big noses weren't "pretty"
I'm really sorry.

Dear my arms,
I'm sorry for disliking you,
The size of you, I hated my weight.
I'm sorry. I'm sorry for leaving scars.
Hiding you from the world, I'm sorry.

Dear my legs,
I'm sorry for scarring you,
kept you hidden. Hated the size.
I am sorry for keeping you a lie.
Secretly thinking badly of you.

Dear my stomach,
I've always had the worse of it in you.
The pain is excruciating to stop eating.
Just to keep you skinny, you were hungry.
I know. And I was cruel. I let out starve.
I remembered your compaints of groans.
Hurt as you groaned, I know. 

Dear me,
I hoped you knew, you were beautiful at the start.

I want to kiss you so badly.
There you were, standing in the rain, lened against a pole, while everyone else huddled together and took cover. I don't know what you were waiting for, but you just stood there, and let the water soak through your clothes. You looked so pensive. and I can't tell you how beautiful you were to me, standing alone in the rain. I wanted you to share my umbrella. I wished that I would have the courage to suggest this, but I didn't find it. But I will soon. Until then, everything that I do is for you. Just don't forget that in the meantime. 

A letter to him. 
Today I received a letter, a very special letter, from England - which is a very special place home to a very special person. Here are the contents;

The sky is dark today, but I bet in Paris it blinds - sending kaleidoscopes of colour against the Louvre, shining upon the river Seine; shining against your eyes. I remember, how they were the colour of the sky; not my sky, but yours - blue, cloudless, infinite in depth. I was so jealous of you, of your endless blue sky that never rained. And then I found out that you are susceptible to storms; massive, howling giants that rage inside your brain - this made you all the brighter. I have never met anyway who could have such bright eyes when the world around them is so bleak.

I hope one day my sky matches the colour of your eyes. Perhaps only Paris can ever hold such light?

With love, my friend - my days would not be bright without you.

                               CORRECTED THE GRAMMAR, AND SENT THEM BACK


If you are going to write a sincere letter to a person, I suggest taking some time to make sure you haven't misspelled their name first.
30 Day Challenge Letters
(Day 1)
Dear Best Friend,
I have no idea where to begin, But for one

you've showed that you've always been there for me, but i dnt know
if thats your way of saying that you feel bad for me.. With all I've Been through.....

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