Letting Quotes

remembering you comes
in flashbacks and echoes

to get yourself a new life 
you've got to give the other one away


guys can be so stupid I swear. I like
yahtzee, it is a fun game. I don't have
people to play with so I got the app.
then, this guy starts talking to me, 
adds me on kik and everything. he
has a girlfriend/fiance/whatever, and
he would flirt with me. hardcore. and
I told him a million times I was not
into him and that I never would be
but he like expected me to be so 
grateful that he was into me that I'd
change my mind. anyway, that was
a turn off but he was persistent to 
win me over. even tho he is not my
type, and has a fiance anyway. plus
he's one of those people that think
they are so profound when they're
just extremely condescending. then,
to top it all off, he starts talking about
his criminal past. domestic abuse and
corruption of a minor (which is basically
statutory r.ape) and like WHY? what sane
person would disclose that to someone
who was in an abusive relationship
(mentally, physically, and s.exually)?
who they were trying to win over?
it honestly just makes me not want to
talk to you at all, sir.

(he called the minor he corrupted a
ho who begged for it. like are you kidding
me? she was 13. he was an adult.)
And maybe, just maybe, this is my chance to move on and finally let everything go. To let go of the tasteless fights and the pain I bore for months on months on months. To let go of the nights he made me feel absolutely worthless and told me this was my fault. To let go of what I stupidly believed was true love, because we so desperately wanted it to be so. To finally let go of him, and his toxic behavior that in the end only dragged me down. Maybe I can laugh again and stay up all night listening to love songs, thinking about someone else. I will dance the night away with them and make everlasting memories, and hopefully these ones won't ever haunt me. I can smile when I hear his name and not be afraid to show the world my feelings for him. Maybe this is the start of something new, something different, and something more wonderful than I have ever experienced. 
I'm battling myself as it is
You're causing me so many problems
I'm battling myself as it is
You're battling me
I'm battling myself as it is
You're making it worse
I'm battling myself as it is
You're laughing
I'm battling myself as it is
You're not letting up
I'm battling myself
I give up.
the sun must have
broken over the
horizon, behind
me, because it
drenched the
with a splash of
across the top that
bled indigo into its
base. there was something
so big about the moutain
canvas, and so bold in the
colors, that all i could do
was drink them in with
my eyes like a thirsty
little girl with a cold
glass of Kool-Aid.
Sometimes you just gotta let go..


You’ll never find the right person, 
If you can’t let go
of the
 wrong one .

I will never know which to chose, letting go or holding on.
They both end the same, but only one is worth it.


Format by Papaute
Love is like a tug-of-war.
 It's hard to hold on.
But its even harder to
let go. 

o               o

o              o
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