Library Quotes

Can't wait till tm.
I'm going to a sleepover at my local library we are going to watch 19 hours of harry potter,eat pizza,icecream,drink soda,eat chips/ candy. And have breakfast in the morning. It is from 1 pm till 9 am sathurday. So excited can't wait.
Completed my summer reading for my local library I had to do 28 hours of reading. I got the following prizes
A coupon for a free icecream cone at MCdonalds
A barnstormers ticket(baseball game)
A free coupon for a ritas italian ice
A f
ree ice skating rink coupon
free coupon for a round of bowling
A free cupcake coupon
free game of laser tag coupon
And a free comic book coupon for a comic book at my local.comic book store
Working In A Library #1
Me: "Hi, would you like to sign up for our summer reading program?"
Customer: *blatantly sees me, stares at me, walks awAY*
Me: Well, f_ck you too!
People need to understand if you are in a library, you should be quiet.
Once I thought I saw one of my friends in public. I went up to them and slapped their butt. It turns out ot was a stranger so I ran away and hid in the library.
I've always wanted to go to one of those libraries that have the ladders attached to the bookshelves and then glide around on them and forbid others from joining me. But then again, I'd probably fall off...
Library Pick-Up Line:
"I don't have a library card on me right now,
But can I check you out?"

When i was 5 i wanted to be a singer, when i was 7 i wanted to dance, when i was 8 i wanted to play guitar, when i was 10 i wanted to write, So i'll be a librarian who does that in her spare time!


l l
l ◀◀


Okay so I'm in the library
and I plugged in my headphones
to listen to some study music,
but I didn't plug it in all the way
so some music was playing out loud.
Everyone could hear it.
I didn't realize this
till the librarian came over
and notified me15 minutes later.

"You didn't realize your music was playing aloud?", she asked?
"No," I said. "Nobody told me, and I didn't hear it".
"I didn't mind. You have good taste in music," the girl next to me said.
A couple other people around me nodded.
"Well, you still have to shut it off," the librarian said.

 I've never been so embarrassed
and flattered at the same time

format by neversaynever16

So the other day my friend and I 
were at the library and sitting by the magazine section. This elderly man walked over 
to grab a magazine and when he saw us he just said "I have fallen and I cannot get up"
and then he legitimately just walked away and I don't think I have ever laughed so hard.

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