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Humans are bad at most things. Love, relationships, parenting, holding ourselves together, being dependable. But there is one thing we are so good at, that we are in fact, spectacular at it. We are all so damned good at being broken open. It’s how the light gets out. It’s how we know it’s there. Because once in a while, someone comes along who tells us life is so much more than just existing. Someone comes along to remind us, to stop being so small and so human. And do better by being so much more.
 Me 3:35 AM
do you ever think why your heart hasnt given up on you yet?
 Me 3:36 AM
it's not to torture you
Me 3:36 AM
its saying its not too late
Fluffy marshmallow 3:37 AM 
Damn (my name) where this come from

Me 3:37 AM
cuz no one really wants to die, they just want the suffering to end. If you're not dead now, there's a reason why you're alive.
Fluffy marshmallow 3:39 AM 
I'm not afraid of death lol and same goes for u no death I could give u list of reasons taller than the Empire State building why you're alive

Me 3:39 AM
oh my

Fluffy marshmallow 3:39 AM
Is there an issue

~ I'm slowly starting to realize I come to witty whenever something is wrong...My page is becoming so's not helping~
6/1/18 7:49pm

No, don't tell me I'm lying.
I promised I was better.
I promised I changed.
Don't tell me I'm going back to my old self,
don't tell me I'm going back to what I used to do that wasn't good for me.
Don't tell me I'm lying.
I promised I was better.
I promised I changed!!!
I thought I was okay...
Am I not?
2:12 AM• 5.20.18 • 8 months 💚 New streak after 4 years...
Life is 10% what happens to you, 20% how you respond, and 70% analytics.
Frickin Baaabe💚 6:59 AM
tbh// just wanna start by saying i love you so much❤️Okay ur f*cking beautiful, amazing, nice, caring, kind, funny basically u have the best personality. You are the best girlfriend ever and im so happy thats ur mine and not anyone else's❤️
~I've convinced myself once again...I'm not loved, and I never truly will be...~
Being beautiful is not the most remarkable thing a person can be and I wish I had learned that sooner
~You look thinner than yesterday.
Me? Oh nahh, Just wore something that made me bigger in a way.~

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