Life Quotes

i wish life could just magically go back to the way it used to be
don't kill my high,
just because you're low
you said you liked storms, so i let you in.
turns out, you can only handle a little rain.
&& i am a hurricane.

nmq // nmf

but whatever
happens, i'll
be okay.
Age is just a number that can mean so little and yet so much.
Age is just a number that can mean so little and yet so much.
At the end of the day;
the clock will still be ticking;
the tides will go back in;
the world will still be spinning; 
the trees will still be standing tall;
the leaves will still be waving; 
the fish will still be swimming; 

caterpillars will still be transforming; 
dogs will carry on barking;
cats will keep meowing;
zebras will still have their stripes;

shops will be opening in the morning;
the sun will still rise after it's nap;
the world will carry on
and most importantly,
you're still breathing.

Don't let things stop you from living, because one day something will.

Everything is going to be okay. 
You're really an adult when you talk to your friends about doing taxes. Haha

"Twenty years from now

You will be more disappointed

By the things you didn't do

Than by the ones you did.

So throw off the bowlines!

Sail away from the safe harbor.

Catch the trade winds in your sail.




- Mark Twain
By trying something new, I'm bound to feel something that has been forgotten within me.
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