Life Quotes

Life is like a dark tunnel. We cannot see what is coming ahead. For better or worse, we can only move forwards to the light at the end.
i wish i could wipe out whatever subliminal messages instilled in me from my childhood that made me believe that i needed a man in order for my life to be complete, fulfilled, and happy.
Mother's Day

Poem by; Christine Vega

Today is a day that I hate.

Today is a day of sorrow and regret

Who knew that this would be your fate?

And who knew pain is all that I would get?

Your father wanted you, and I wanted you more.

Been a long time since you've been gone,

and I wish you were here.

I'm a mommy that makes angels.

That's what everybody always tells me.

Who would you have been?

A mama's boy or a tough guy like your dad?

Every single mother's day I remember you.

Now you'd be in your terrible twos.

Driving mommy and daddy crazy!

But it would be okay,

I'd love you just like I do now.

Somethings are better left unsaid.
But sometimes those things that aren't said,
are the things that they needed to hear the most!
The reason to try in life is that here you are, and you only get one chance, so WTF, why not? Do you have anything better to do? Are you really such a weak operator that you would give up after winning the lottery?


A savage desire for strong emotions and sensations burns inside me: a rage against this soft-tinted, shallow, standardized and sterilized life, and a mad craving to smash something up, a department store, say, or a cathedral, or myself.

Why he left me i'll never understand , but i know now that it's not my f a u l t .

I guess we often get the deep blues, both of us, and wonder what it all means - the people, the buildings, the day by day things, the waste of time, of ourselves.
j u n e  a p p r e c i a t i o n s ~
the wind. the sun. the sky. the moon. the stars. my friends.
the way he smiles. the way my freind's laugh. the way he
talks to me. the way my friends say 'i love you.' my theater.
music. poetry. roses and the smell of flowers. dancing kids.
the sound of lullabies. wind chimes. soft acoustics. singing.
smiling. loving and enjoying life.

these are my  j u n e  a p p r e c i a t i o n s ~


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