Life Quotes

going through some things nobody will ever see or know but i with fight through this alone like i always have
~ All she felt was pain inside.. blossoming from the feelings she tried to hide... she doesn't even know why she tried.. when she knew all along it was just a lie..~

I just want to wander away, never look back, and see what I find, because anything seems better than this emptiness
I just wanna go to concerts
Real love makes you afraid. Not because of pain that might be inflicted on you, but afraid of the pain you might inflict.
Why do we always seem to love more those who love us less, and those who love us more we love less?
I never realised how depressing my old posts were... I was only 13 then
Who says life isn't dark? Even at it's brightest, the shadow of Death still looms. Getting use to the shadow or forgetting about it doesn't get rid of it.
I honestly just want to pack my bags and go travel the world and see and explore everything possible
She likes to dance on the thin line between life and death.
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