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It's funny how you so often told me that you needed me. I was always there for you. But you took advantage of me. You can't say it was my fault that I told you I was done with you. I tried my hardest. Now you're coming back... Again... I feel bad pushing you away, but then I just remind myself what you did to me. It's time to turn tables and give you all the sh/t you gave to me. Not very fun, is it?

Sometimes you
just gotta make yourself 
believe the smile on your face is real.

When life gives you lemons... What the hell!! I got oranges!
Why'd you hafta leave me when I needed you the most?
-Charlie Puth, See You Again

 I know you feel like you can't go on. You think it's not worth it. But trust me. It is totally worth it.

​When you look up, and see the places you've wondered, and feel the shame you can't hide. When you look around and see that there is no one beside you, that is where you stop and sit down, for there is no purpose of continuing on if there is no one to walk beside you.

"She was right.
              She never looked nice. She looked like art, 
              and art wasn't supposed to look nice; 
              it was supposed to make you feel something."


trying to play hard to get while being hard to want 


i love sleep. my life has a tendency to fall apart when im awake, you know? 


Torn between earth and sky, spirit and flesh, heaven and hell - so dual,
up in the stars yet housed in a heart - pumping breath gasping blood. 
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