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when the sun had left and thwintecame
and the sky fall could only brinrain
i never meant to cry, started losing hope
you broke through and saveme

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ladies, if he knows you for one day
and he's already hitting you with the
"I love you", he's probably lying. and
if he adds in "I've never felt this way
about anyone before.." then not only
is he lying, but he probably throws 
that same line to anyone that'll listen.
all in all: proceed with caution.
Yes I'll admit that I'm a fool for you

I have to believe that there are moments of uncorruptable beauty upon this earth.

I just want a hand to hold and two ears that will listen and a mouth that will tell me stories.

Deep in my bones
I can feel you.

How do I escape my own head?


To live forever or die trying.


I regret opening up to some people. They didn't deserve to know me like that.


  Nobody's gonna feel
your pain

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