Livelifetothefullest Quotes

E mbrace your crazy. Embrace your weirdness!

Not only is it the sexiest thing in the entire world,but there's a certain high that comes with it, a by-product that can make you feel a fearless kind of freedom all the time.

Sway in the breeze, the breeze being life.
If you want to do a cartwheel, do a frikken cartwheel.

Live without your self-imposed pressure and resistance.
Be your crazy self and shine!



You only live once and you don't want that one time to be filled with regrets. 
Those who discourage you from your dreams have most likely already abandoned their own.
She is just too afraid of death
That she never gets to live

be who you are and say how you feel, because
those who matter don't mind and
those who mind don't matter.
Bad decisions aren't always bad because sometimes they become great stories.
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