i just found out jessie j said her bisexuality was a phase and it makes me sad
although she did point out that just bc it was like that for her doesn't mean it is for everyone which ok nice ty queen
like honey
when i figure it out and i want you to know
i will tell you

but like you do not need to know. you do not need to know. it is not your business. if i want you to know, i will tell you.

like by all means ask, ofc, how else would you find out, but if i say i dont want to answer yet doNT FXCKING PUSH WHAT ARE YOU DOING

its literally so awkward trying to explain ur identity to ppl like

'yeah these pronouns work for me thanks
unless we're like really close then u can use these instead please
also call me this name please
unless i say you can call me that name instead in which case use that
but then just do whichever u prefer like if u are at that level u can call me ur pet dodo bird and i'll go with it.
oh what do i prefer?? AHAAAAAAAAAaa well friend'

*facepalm* why couldnt we all have been born as those velociraptors from jurrassic park who were supposedly all one gender and yet mated
why couldn't we all have just been agender dinosaurs

me: *thrashes around* SOMEONE TALK TO ME
someone: h
me: aaha.. fr.ien..d... i was j-just kid..din.g.. hah..a....
i love how i disappeared for like 5 months and as soon as i come back all i do is shxtpost im so sorry
too bad envy is a sin--
ya'll goin to hell

but you know, when i see someone who's trying their hardest to do what the want and they're just doing their thing, they're going their own way, all i want is to be closer to them because that's the kind of positive confident energy you wanna be around mate
people who genuinely mean well and do stuff because they genuinely think someone would benefit from that are good and must be protected and encouraged aaaah
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