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The thing is, sometimes the knives come from within your circle of trust, and they stick. It's all very well putting up a front against people but that doesn't make you invincible against pain and it doesn't mean nobody will hurt you — it just limits who can.

I don't know how to tell him, what you said two days ago got to me. I don't know how to say, I'm energyless because of you. This round was triggered by you. 

I don't know what to do when where you go to put on bandages is where the knives are.
like honey
when i figure it out and i want you to know
i will tell you

but like you do not need to know. you do not need to know. it is not your business. if i want you to know, i will tell you.

like by all means ask, ofc, how else would you find out, but if i say i dont want to answer yet doNT FXCKING PUSH WHAT ARE YOU DOING

oh actually while we're fxcking talk about this cAN WE PLS JUST

alright so my friend, close friend, love them lots, kind of backed me into a horrible corner and asked me a bunch of questions she knows i don't like other people knowing and plonked on at the end was 'oh but you don't have to answer' and tHEN RIGHT AFTER THAT SHE SAYS 'so am i deserving to know??'

like idk babe i adore you but are you really gonna make me say it? no you aren't if i wanted you to know i would have told you before you pushed so hard i had literally no option but to awkwardly deny a few things, ask not to answer it (in the process making us both feel like shxt) and proceed to depersonalise bc u made me so uncomfortable

like whaaaat are you doing 

i hate even thinking about it, it was awful and she was insensitive and thoughtless there
like damn
me: *thrashes around* SOMEONE TALK TO ME
someone: h
me: aaha.. fr.ien..d... i was j-just kid..din.g.. hah..a....
appear, disappear, i don't want to be a walking cliche but that's how the cards fxcking fell and here i am now, some psuedo manic-pixie-dream-girl mess and so so unwilling
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