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You only talk to me when you need my help.

It's been a long time since.
( hollow )

Don't tell me I'm your favourite. Don't tell me I'm the smartest, or the prettiest, or the coolest, strongest, funniest, most interesting, most loveable person to you. Don't tell me I am your most anything. Because I see you telling other people the same thing, and in the end I would have been a lot happier and lot more flattered if you could have put me up without putting all your other friends down. Please stop it.
This is not the only way to make someone feel special.


The thing is, sometimes the knives come from within your circle of trust, and they stick. It's all very well putting up a front against people but that doesn't make you invincible against pain and it doesn't mean nobody will hurt you — it just limits who can.

I don't know how to tell him, what you said two days ago got to me. I don't know how to say, I'm energyless because of you. This round was triggered by you. 

I don't know what to do when where you go to put on bandages is where the knives are.
god i love sharks
sharks are so cool
fxckin sharks tho wow
did i never believe in mermaids or dragons in the first place,
or did i just never stop?
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