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maybe we found love right where we are<3
-ed sheeran

i asked god to take you out of my life if you weren't going to bring me more happiness than pain. And he immediately took you away. and yet i still wasn't satisfied because i wanted to be the one who called the shots, I wanted to be the one who ended things. I just wanted you to stay until someone better came along...how selfish of me.
so, apparently even tho at 17 you need an adult with you to go to the doctor's because you aren't an adult, you're adult enough to be charged $301 for that appointment and have it haunt you and your credit score years later when you're an actual adult.
Is this part of the deal? You start caring enough, and suddenly you start worrying every little thing you say makes them hate you? Or is it anxiety talking? .....


I think I'm gonna be okay. I think I'm gonna be just fine. 


stop trying to see the end
before the start even begins.
omg it literally took me like 20 minutes to code a stupid plain code for my profile what has happened
tr us tme you do not know me alright quit acting so shocked and disappointe d omg stpo
do you ever just stalk a past.. thing (relationship, crush, etc) and get this weird feeling? like I am sad but I'm not. I am jealous but of weird stuff. I'm happy for them but not really? it's like a "oh, you broke my heart except I don't really know if it was love anyway.. glad to know you are happy and now living with the girl you broke up with me for, and essentially doing everything we talked about.. that I don't really look for in life anymore, but your life has still progressed more than mine." kinda thing.

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