Lostsoul Quotes

You're just another lost soul
Well i'm selena..
If you know the real me by now..
you'd know i'm a sad lost soul trying to find happiness!
I love a kid that lives some where else and i hate myself with every little bit of me thats left!
The only person that's been there is
ourmememories (Ava) she's the most amazing friend ive ever had! <3
Then theres
LollingUpHearts (Jacob)! He's been there for me from the start, just like Ava!
I honestly hope to god i never loss them both.
I know i hardly go on witty anymore.... 
because i got addicted to Twitter ahaha
Well this is going no where...
Plus i'm bored.. -.-
Okay going to school now Bye byes x

Bestfriendforever :)
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