Love Quotes

Without respect, love is lost. Without caring, love is boring. Without honesty, love is unhappy. Without trust, love is unstable.
Thats all I gotta say..

loving someone more than you love yourself can cause a lot of damage, because when they leave, your whole world could crumble.


~Sitting at the park, cute boy comes into it with his family~
 Me: ~staring at gorgeous creature that I can't have~
Aren't you beautiful?
Yes you are.
Please have my babies, oh seducing God!
I really want you to kiss me...
hh.. ~boy looks at me~
Ohmygod, no, don't look at me!
I look like I fell out of the trashcan.
~flashes a smile and comes towards me~
No, please... 
Spare me!
Don't come over here...
~boy is right next to me and sits on the swing~
Him: Hey
Me: *dies*
five minutes later I wake up*

God. Damm!t.

The first time he heard voices, he wouldn’t look at me, went into the bathroom and ran the tub full of water, tucked himself beneath the cool skin of its surface and tried to drown them out. The next day, he couldn’t stop talking about joy being like an ice-covered tree, about strangers with arms like blood oranges, dark moths covering a woman until only her eyes were visible.

The brain is just a layer of tissue and nerves suspended in fluid; the heart knows what the heart wants, and human beings are only made of 75% water. I tried to understand this, how that road sign upstairs in his brain that was once lit up had gone out so quickly, like a pit stop on an abandoned road once used by passing travelers and then slowly left for good.

On Mondays he shook so hard every bone beneath his wrists rattled, and wouldn’t leave the house because there were men in black suits outside waiting to take him away. Other nights I would wake up at 3 am to find him standing naked at the window, hands pressed to the glass, staring out at the city lights, telling me there was someone out there, looking back at him, paranoid.
He slurred his words like a man who’s had a few too many drinks, 
but all I could do was hold him until the next round of antipsychotics.

Meggie Royer (via writingsforwinter)

"She never looked nice: She looked like art, and art wasn't supposed to look nice; it was supposed to make you feel something."

If someone hates you for no reason,

Gif taken by Steve ;)

             Don't wait for the perfect moment,
              take the moment and
                                     make it perfect.

Gif taken by SoffieKawaii


                 I'm a teenager.
                                                      I text at the speed of light,
listen music too loud,roll my eyes,
fall in love easily and            
                                                           get my heart broken.

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