Love Quotes

just let me go

just let me go
i wish you are dead
i wish you are dead
i wish you are dead

I just want to feel your lips pressed against me. Forgetting the entire world. Just you, me and butterflies in my stomach!!
I'm sorry, and I love you, and I need you so please don't leave me. Please don't go. I miss who you are and I miss who I was and I am more in love with you now and I need you to tell me that everything will be alright because I only believe lies from your tongue and I'm sorry you hate me and I hate me too. I can't lose you. 
I f//Ucked up, okay? I f//Ucked up big time and there is no easy way out. There's no Fix Your Life: The Free Edition. There is pain and heartache and brutal tears and that is what has become of me. And I'm sorry, if I don't fit into your fantasy world anymore. I'm sorry if I'm too dark and tragic for you. But I loved you once and I can't stand to think of you now, and isn't it funny how you hate what I've becomE?

You painted my portrait and burned the picture.

                                           Sometimes I just want to sail away and never come back,
                        but I Can't Leave.
There is do much pain now that nothing I do can ever numb it. I am aching with every breath I take, and I scream out for you, but you never come. I have tried and failed and tried again but the memory of your smile breaks me and the ghost of your laugh tears at my flesh. I am nothing, a non-entity, a dream of some deranged mind. I do not exist without you. I cannot. You are the mantle to which I tied my soul, the anchor and the mast which keep me afloat. I am breaking and I am gathering dust in the world, and u need your love to cool my own hatred, but more than anything I wish I could let go.  

february of sophomore year was when my life got flipped upside down. i met this hot, mysterious, brown-eyed and brown-haired junior. he turned my world around. i was so addicted to him and the thought of him. little did i know that he was talking to not only one, but TWO other girls the same time i was talking to him.  i found this out in august. i was heartbroken and frustrated and broken dow. like, was i not good enough? was i not pretty enough? what was wrong with me?

lifelesson: you.are.good.enough. it's never your fault
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