Love Quotes

Oh witty, Ive missed you so much!


Let's be alone together 

Omfg just ordered my ATL t shirt :') It was this or a new cellphone. Srsly I didn't even think twice about it

I know im not the only one

But it's cool tho I just wanna wish you well , ha no I hope you burn in hell .
~Autumn Nicole Costa
Me and you we’re like Dominoes.
I fall for you
And you fall for another.


An insatiability that will never grow old
A tale that will never strike gold
We’re a story that will never get told
A daydream that I’ll never get to hold.


I don’t know what they are called the spaces in between seconds, but I think of you always in those intervals. 

And I am jealous of every raindrop that has kissed your face...

...Ones that have slipped off your dark eyelashes...

....and ones that have clung desperately to your golden skin stretched over beautifully defined cheekbones...

...and the ones, especially the ones that have struggled to keep a firm grip on your luscious pink lips as they fell relentlessly.

If I could I'd take that smile and inject it into my bloodstream.

My parents warned me about drugs in baggies sold on the street,

But never of the ones with teeth and a heartbeat.


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