Love Quotes

Willst du bis der Tod euch scheidet
Treu ihr sein für alle Tage

Will you 'til death be her rider
Her lover too, to stay inside her
crazy who makes me the happiest could make me the saddest
" I  still  love  you "
is one of the saddest
sentences in the fuccking
Girl: I love you

Guy: No you don't. You're clearly just messing with me because I told you how I really feel.

Girl: I don't mess with people's feelings like that. I really love you.
If its with you!?! ... I am
not afraid of it..
When you have a crush,
it's so hard to figure out
if you're heartbroken or in love
Who breaks up with someone the day before your anniversary?
//A  Different  Start//

     Chapter 2 (Pt. 2)

"Olivia, you like him, don't you." My mom accused me, smirking as we walked back to the car. "What, no, mom! What are you talking about, why would you say that, what?" I babbled. My mom just stared at me with her devil like smirk. "Just the way you stared at him. You were wide-eyed." "Mom, I just met the guy. I don't like him." That was true. "I don't even think he's that cute, okay?" That part wasn't true. He was cute. But out of my league. Although that didn't bother me. He was a jerk anyway. "Okaaay, whatever." She said, stepping into the car.

We drove home, listening to the radio, as I stared out the window, watching the blur of trees and houses go by. We finally got home and I ran upstairs to put all my new clothes away. I didn't feel like picking out an outfit for tomorrow yet. This is my last day of summer. And I'm probably going to spend it watching Netflix and panicking about how to do my hair or worrying if I don't have the right supplies.

My mom came upstairs a little later and sat with me on my bed to talk about tomorrow. We went over the supplies list to make sure I had everything, and she helped me pick out an outfit. "I just want to wear sweatpants, honestly." I sighed. But that wouldn't make much of a good impression to anyone. I live in a wealthy town. I wouldn't be surprised if I saw girls wearing shoes that could pay our monthly mortgage.

Before I knew it, it was already 9:45pm. I had been watching a show, trying to forget about my worries, and time flew by. I brushed my teeth and pulled my covers down. I slid into bed, and decided to go on tumblr for a bit. It helps me fall asleep.

Before I knew it, it was 5:30am and my alarm was going off to the sound of 'Marimba'. I fumbled to shut it off, and my mom barged into my room. "Hi honey! I made coffee! Just wanted to make sure your up! I'm super excited about my first day of work and you better be super excited about your first day of real school! This will be great, I promise. You just wait and see. Get up soon so you aren't late on your first day!" She quickly walked out of the room. Boy was she...happy. I pulled the covers off my body and rolled myself out of bed.


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//A  Different  Start//

     Chapter 2

I woke up to the sound of the garbage trucks outside picking up our trash. It was around 9:30am. I don't even remember shutting my eyes, but I must've drifted off while I was laying in my bed watching Netflix. Then it hit me. I have my first day of school tomorrow. My first day of waking up before its even light out, my first day of nice clothes, new people, new routine, new teachers, new schedule. Just new everything. I got out of bed and walked over to my newly bought backpack. It was a simple black North Face backpack that my mom bought for me a few days ago. She gave it to me when she told me I was going to public school. It was already packed with notebooks, pens, pencils, folders, and other school supplies that I wasn't used to carrying around. It's Sunday, and that must mean my mom has to be home. I skipped my daily bathroom routine of brushing my teeth and hair and went straight downstairs to see my mom. I missed her. I hadn't been seeing much of her lately, since she has been consumed in work and starting her new job and all.

When I got downstairs she was making eggs. "Hi mom." I smiled. "Hi hun, want some eggs and toast?" She said as she flipped an egg in the pan. "Yes, I'm starving." She finished making the eggs and toast, and made plates for the both of us. "Thanks." I said to her. I tried to look happy, but my mom could see right past my failed cheery expression. "Aren't you the least bit excited about school? It will really be a great experience." She tried to encourage me. "I know, I know, I guess I'm just nervous more than excited." I wasn't very excited at all though, but I couldn't hurt her feelings. I couldn't make her feel bad, after all there was nothing she could do. I had to get an education some how. "I thought we could go shopping today for some new clothes." She added. "Yeah, that would be nice." I smiled. I didn't really even care much about the clothes, I just wanted to spend some time with her. "Great. You go get dressed and ready and we'll leave in an hour." She said, while clearing our plates from the table.

I went up to my room, and picked out a pair of jean shorts and a white v-neck. Simple enough. I went into the bathroom to brush my teeth and I threw my hair into a messy bun. I don't feel like dealing with it today. But then again, I never do. I decided to clean up my room a little to pass the time, so I made my bed and organized my desk a little. "Olivia, ready to go?" My mother called up to me. "Yep." I said, grabbing my phone and wallet.

We drove to the outlets, a 10 minute drive from my house, where it was swarming with teenagers and their parents, buying new clothes and shoes and supplies for school. I forgot it was everyone else's first day of school tomorrow too. I will probably see 80% of these kids tomorrow at school. We went in and out of different stores, and by the time we were finished, I was holding onto 6 different bags. "Mom, I think this is good." I laughed. "Okay, okay. You know how much I love shopping. Why don't we go grab a coffee? I could really use one now." She suggested. "Yeah sure, I could too." I replied. We went to the coffee shop that was near the parking lot that was crowded with teens and adults, all drinking coffee or eating donuts. We stood in line for a few minutes, and I watched all the other kids who were in the shop. I watched them hanging out with their friends, examining their clothes and hair and everything. It sounds creepy, but I was just curious, that's all. I was interrupted from my gaze by my mom tapping on my shoulder. "Honey, tell the boy what you want." I turned to speak, only to see the rude, tattooed boy who I met yesterday standing behind the counter. "I, uh, I'll have a, um, iced mocha regular please." I blurted out. "Ok..." He looked annoyed. He makes it pretty obvious that he isn't enjoying his time here. He left from behind to counter to go make our coffees. "Here ya go. $4.05 is your total." He said like he could care less. We stood there waiting while my mom fumbled around in her purse. "Hey, you look familiar." He stated. "Uh, yeah...we met yesterday. I returned your dog when he ran away...We're kinda neighbors.." I kept adding on because it doesn't seem like he was remembering me that well. "Oh, right. I forgot." He said, with a sassy tone. Really? It was yesterday? We talked for a solid 5 minutes, how do you forget a conversation you had just yesterday? Dick. Okay, maybe it wasn't a conversation, but it was a solid encounter. I sure as hell remembered him. My mom handed him the money and I walked away fast.

no one

had the right

to change their

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