Love Quotes

All along you said you knew this was wrong but still worth dying for...

don't you worry don't you worry child,
see heaven's got a plan for you,
don't you worry don't you worry now, yeah!
L asagne 

O melette 

V anilla ice cream

E nchilada
don't you worry don't you worry child,
see heaven's got a plan for you,
don't you worry don't you worry now, yeah!

When your legs don't work 
like they used to before
and I can't sweep you off of your
Will your mouth still remember
my name?
Will your eyes still smile from your


Sometimes people arent what they seem.
Your best friend,who you have done everything with,who you have grown up with,laughed with,danced with,smiled with,cried with,worked with,told secrets with,joked with,went places with,roomed with,chilled with,did everythng with,could just get up and leave you right now.

Your bestfriends could fight and place you in the middle.Could ruin your happiness,and your life.

Your ex-besties could tell the guy you liked the truth,or even worse,make you jealous by flirting with him.

They can distract you every moment of the day.Constantly making you wish your life had not changed.But there is nothing you can do about it.You have lost your willpower.

One day,you will forget about those dirty,lieing,cheats of the world,the ones who killed you on the inside.But until then,let them keep hating.They will focus so much on hating you that they will be completely lost when they finally get over it.

In 5 years,you'll think back to your time with them and say ''wow,i really wasted my time back then.How did i ever hang out with THAT?''


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But love, I've come to understand, 
is more than three words
mumbled before bedtime.
a pattern

of devotion in the things we do
every day.

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What i hate: people who have multiple baes
Why: because bae stands for before anyone else.If you have
multiple baes,then someone has to be before someone else.
Completely eliminates the point >.<

You know what i hate?
When my friends are walking around with their baes,
Planning outfits for the dance
and im just like
    / \    /  \
 _/   \_/    \_
/     >     >    \
l         *         l
l        ---        l

Every time I look into your eyes,
I see my future.
I see you,
and me.
It is our wedding day.
I picture the entire wedding,
including the best man's speech.
He goes on about our struggles to get here.
Yet we are here.
Then it jumps to later on.
Our kids, playing in the yard.
We are sitting on our porch.
And I can't help but think
This is what I pictured
Way back then
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