Love Quotes

Like the dead sea, you told me I was like the dead sea 
                   you'll never sink when you are with me,oh lord, like the dead sea
                             I'M LIKE THE DEAD SEA, the finest words you ever said to me

Maybe I fell
for your smile,
or the way you always say what you mean…
without ever actually saying what you mean.
I don’t know why or how, but I fell.
So here it is,
my confession to you…
I’m insanely and unnaturally in love
with you.

You're so klasjdskaljdsakl♥
Pareces una caja de pandora, llena de sentimientos, personalidades y secretos dentro de un pequeño rincón de tu corazón.

I don't want a relationship, they hold you back. I want a bestfriend I can sleep with, make love to, hustle with, travel with, shop with, club with, and live with. I want a partner in crime, a life partner. Someone that I can laugh with and build with. Somebody that I can trust with my heart, my money, and my life. Somebody I'm not afraid to lose because I know they'll always be there. Relationships just aren't for me but a partnership, I'll take that.

Real men stay dedicated to one girl

It's amazing how you can fall in love with a person you didn't even notice the first time you meet them.<3 
I never thought I'd love you this much...
I like "me" a little more when I'm with you.
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