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When I wake up I'm afraid, somebody else might take my place.


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e wasn't good enough for her

When your parents try to set you up with their friends' kids
“You always kissed like you were saying goodbye and maybe that should have been a sign.

My heart says yes
My min
d says no
y eyes say yes
My mout
h said no
probably hates ME
picks me up when I fall
My bes
t friend will possibly become my boyfriend........................................ MAYBE...

The city is burning
The ocean is turning

Our only chance is the lighthouse


My heart beats like a drum

A guitar string to the strum

A beautiful song to be sung

Witty! I'm back! :'D

A young teenage girl who cries herself to sleep. A young boy who cuts himself because he feels so weak. "Where is this going? Will it ever end? Or is sadness really my only friend?" Everyone is mad and everywhere is war. I wish I could tell you how it came this far.. Some people suffer from a brokenheart while others suffer from anxiety. "What should we do?" Let's blame it on society! But isn't society you and me? Me and you? Isn't it just stupid that we won't just blame ourselves for what we do? But okay we all know that life's hard and sometimes we're sad, but we've got to remember life is also the best thing we ever had. 🔪 - I'm pretty bad at this but okay still wanted to share it.
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                                                we all carry these things inside
                                                                                 that no one else can see
                                                                                                       they hold us down like anchors
                                                                            and drown us out at sea.

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