Love Quotes

I wish i looked at your eyes as she does.
I wish i loved you as she loved you.
I wish i could control my feelings.

 so bury that trace of affection for me
 and i'll force my feet to move


If there's a God out there,
please hear my prayer.
I'm lost and I'm scared,
I don't have anywhere to go.
I've come a long, long way.
Yet, I'm not sure I can make it much farther.
Just a little in love.
Just a little afraid
of not being enough.
two months ago
you said my hair
smelled like flowers
and today i saw you
step on a rose
I hate being put down for someone else, someone better. My heart isn't a toy.

& maybe I'm supposed to love you..



no matter what we fight over or how
many times we fight, we always become
friends again. i can face reality and say
that i seriously can't not talk to you. or think
about you. or miss you. i can't help it. is it 
wrong of me to look for perfection? because
i know i found it. you like jeeps. you accept
everything weird about me. we fight. we joke
around. you're adorable. you're funny. we get
along. we can talk for hours on end. my friends
saw the happiness i had with you. you saw it.
my parents saw it. and it'd be different now.
we've both grown up. i know we both think of the
past. we both think of what life would be like if we
didn't split up. you can deny it all you want, but
i'm not stupid. i can tell by the conversations we
have that it crosses your mind. maybe you don't
feel the same as i do, but i know darn well that
you at least want me in your life. if you truly didn't,
you wouldn't keep letting me back in. same with
me. i let you back in every single time
maybe you could take a chance. you have
a girl waiting to give you her all and show you
that she can be what you need. i promise
you the girl you fell in love with is still there, 
she's just covered up by some walls..


& i know you're not the same guy,

but that doesn't mean i don't want you..

BIGGEST LIE EVER- It's not you it's me...
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