Love Quotes

I have so much of you in my heart.
I see you everywhere, in the stars, deep in the river, to me youre everything that exists; the reality of everything.
The day after you stole my heart Everything I touched told me It would be better shared with you..

i can't get you out of my head. every interaction with you sends a rush of warmth to my cheeks. when you smile at me, it's the best feeling.  i like it a lot. i still like you a lot.

Call me old fashioned, but I think holding hands is the most romantic

"Perhaps it has always been there,
this thing,
this demon inside me.
Or behind my back,
waiting for me to turn around.



"There are some wounds
that can never heal.
There are scars that
make us who we are.
But without them,
don't exist"


I think it's so important to cherish a person who listens thoughtfully to everything you have to say
Well I Watch Alice
With Her Madness
Diving Down The
Rabbit Hole.
Now Wise Man
Would Say To
Stay Away But
Im In Love So
Deep That I Dive
With Her Down The Hole
Into A Place Of Deep Dark
Madness And Diverse 
I Board The Turtle
Train Of Which They Say
Is Screeching Off Its Tracks
And The Ride Gets Worse 
Everyday Here In This World
Of Deep Dark Madness
Where Im The Mad Hatter
And your My Alice.
And As I Fall Deeper
Into A World Of Madness
I Suddenly Realize
Im Just A Mad Hatter
Looking For His Alice.

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