Love Quotes

random lyrics :
i wanna remeber
what its like to be okay
i wanna be able to wake
without wanting to see your face
you put me through so much pain
so much to explain
all i know is that i love you
and i want you to go away........
you meant everything to me
and i was nothiong, clear to see
so go and run along
i need someone whose gonna stay
and not just throw me away
i want real love
not just a fake
so if you werent down
for the long road
should have never said you loved me
too me

we started off as close friends, 
never thought id be your girl friend
when i fell in love 
i never thought there'd be n end

"open the door, i'm here now.
why aren't you aware?
look, i'm wearing that shirt you bought me.
and i bought the flowers you like.
everything has returned to how it once was
but you're not here.
open your door."

- here i am ; yesung

Get out of my head, my heart is tired. 

those delicate words that felt like butterflies in your tummy,
i confess, for me they were a very heavy, very burdensome weight on my mind.
Baby it's wonderful news; it's not your fault, it's not your fault. Yeah.
Maybe cause i'm crazy for you...maybe I'm a little confused.
But it's not your fault, it's not your fault. Yeah.
It's not that you should care, I just wanted you.
It's not that you should care, I just wanted you to know.
the fake smile on your face has a sour taste
i thought you healed my world, but you were the destroyer
jealousy is the dishonest sadness
if your heart is broken, it doesn't mean your broken yourself 
                           truth is the beauty that defines who we are
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