Love Quotes

My French girlfriend says she wants to make love with me in Crème Fraîche.  Where in France is that?
It's been a year since I've been on here and so much has changed and i cant believe how childish and crazy i seemed. I started to delete a few things then realized this is all apart of my progression and its interesting to look back on how i used to be. Moving forward I hope i continue to chnage into a much better person for myself, my family and my future family.<3

Insults have broken my heart 💔 and I'm in despair.

L͓̽o͓̽v͓̽e͓̽ ͓̽S͓̽u͓̽x͓̽

I am grateful that the love I give is the love that I receive

I deserve a love that is kind and beautiful

I welcome loving energy into my life with open arms
If loving you is wrong, don't worry because I probably won't do it right.
Polyamory n. Panodium.
A new beginning
A fresh start
A chance to do it right
This time, just for me
Make you mine 
my husband I have that silly song as our ringtone
I miss you so
‘The Tale of the Faithful Dove’,
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