Loveyou Quotes

I miss your face. I need you here.

I'm always tired but never of you

Imagine sitting next to a fire place,
just us.
Your head
on my heart,

listening to each other's heart beat.
You're not just my friend
your my LOVE
You're not just my Love 
your my HEART
you're not just my Heart 
you're my LIFE
you're not just my life
You're my Everything 
I miss my smile I used to get
From texts from you
I guess you moved on
And I'm still stuck on you

a moment in my arms
forever in my heart

If I had to choose breathing and loving you 
i would use my last breath to tell you
Saw you cry toaday. It tore me up I just wanted to take your pain and make it all go away. I hate seeing you like that I wish I coulda done something X(
Seeing you with someone else makes my heart hurt.
Don't let me hurt you. Stay with me as long as you can but when I break, when I fall apart, don't let me pull you down with me. Because if I ever had a chance of climbing back up that would ruin it. If I pull you down with me I'll stay in the pit forever. I'll have no one to climb back up for. 
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