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Sometimes life gets us down but we need to keep on living! Yes that can be hard sometimes but trust me its worth it guys! Love you all. Dont let the little things in life get you down. Focus on what is important....YOU!
Hey all how have things been?! Been awhile since ive been on! Hope everyone is doing good! If your not hope you feel better and remember someone loves you! 😃

Oopsie I missed my one year on Witty.
I had planned to write a long post but I guess this will have to do.
Thankful for all of the people I have met whether we are still friends or
have moved away from each other.
I would like to especially say I love you to Lyric who has stuck around with
me for a year, and has become one of my closest friends, Joshua, who I havent heard from in many months
but who has positively impacted my life and has made me smile countless times. Also I big shout out to
Patrick and Russell for becoming like older brothers to me, checking up on me
and always being right at my side when I needed them. Lastly, Ave and May you are two
incredible girls of whom I have come to adore very much, thank you for being great friends.

I want you all to know, even if we arent friends, that you are extraordinary and perfect
no matter what your interests are, your music taste, how you look, and your personality
every single one of you on this website is special and im so blessed to be in your presence

Thank you Steve for making this website that has given me a place to express myself
back when I was young, and again now that I am a teenager.

Happy one year wittaversary to me!!!

I guess when I said I wouldnt really be on I more meant as often as usual. I'll get on every few days just to check and see whats going on! Love you all <3

and if you can't see

anything beautiful about yourself,

get a better mirror,

look a little closer


stare a little longer

because there's

something inside you that made

you keep trying,
despite everyone who told you to quit
you built a cast around your
broken heart,
and signed it yourself.

you signed it

"they were wrong"


Happy Valentines Day!!

To all of you who don't have a valentine, I'll be your valentine <3
Never give up. Life is meant to test you; to make you struggle. To all those that are dealing with bullying, depression, anger, anxiety, bi-polar disorders. To all those dealing with any type of self-harm; whether it be cutting, burning, biting, anorexia, bulimia, etc. To all those that have attempted suicide and failed. Forget what they say about you; their words are only what they think of themselves. Forget what that mirror shows you; it doesn't show you who you really are. Forget those thoughts in your head; someone loves you. Forget the feelings you have; they shouldn't define you. You are all stronger than you think, the key is believing it for yourself. This is Your life. You were meant to Live. You were meant to Inspire. You were meant to Prove to everyone that you are Not what They Think you are. Stand up for yourself and make a change for the better. I believe in you.. <3 To all those that attempted suicide and succeeded. Rest In Peace and fly high. There is no doubt in my mind that you left behind atleast one person that loved you. The things that you went through; nobody should ever go through but every day someone gives in to the urge to end it all and disappears. I hope that all your pain has left you and that you are free from the things that held you back in life. No matter who you were or what your name was; you made an impact on someone's life.
It stings
in the shower
and the sad part
is you know exactly
what i'm talking about
night gorgeous people sweet dreams

January 1st 1999

My birthday.

This day last year i was writing a quote about how

shocked and suprised i was that i had survived a

whole year more.


I just want to take a minute to say thank you

for how grateful i am to you all for being

such genuine, kind, beautiful and amazing people.

I hope you have a wonderful 2014

and thank you for everything that

anyone of you might have done for me,

I love each and everyone of you.


(c) LouisTomlinsonFacts
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