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i useD To recoGnize mYseLF
it’s funny how reflections change.
I Don't Walk Around
Trying To Be What's Not
Within Me..
Look Into My Eyes
I Am Free! 
Your Just  Wannabe!

come on let it go
just let it be
why don’t you be you
and i’ll be me.
everything that’s broke,
leave it to the breeze


now the day bleeds into nightfall,
and you’re not here
to get me t h r o u g h   i t   a l l.
i let my guard down,
and then you p u l l e d   t h e   r u g;
i was getting kind of used to being
s o m e o n e   y o u   l o v e d.


i live, i breathe;
i let it rain on me.
i sleep, i wake;
i try hard not to break.
i crave, i love;
ive waited long enough
i try as h a r d as i can.

— Kasey Chambers | Not Pretty Enough 

am I not pretty enough?
is my heart too broken?
do I cry too much?
am I too outspoken?
don’t I make you laugh?
should I try it harder?
why do you see right through me?

I don't need no arms around me!
I Don't need no Drugs to Calm Meeee!
I Have seen the writing on the Waall
Don't think i need anything at all at all
Don't think i need anything at all!..

All in All It was All just Bricks In The Wall!
All And All You Where All Just
Bricks In The Wall!

You were born of the stars, dear girl; stop settling for the dust they leave behind.

well at times i can go to some very dark places in my mind
and as im searching through the darkness
i find things that i believe would make
great stories poems songs etc
and i bring them into the light
to share with the other children of the darkness
I need a reminder that I matter 
I can not see straight lately.
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