Marinaandthediamonds Quotes

                                                       it might have
                                                             been you,
                                                 but you were busy
                                               in your daddy's shoes.

sick of my
small heart 
made of

                                                                   sick of the  
                                                              wounds that
                                                                  never heal.


It almost feels like a joke to play out the part when you are not the starring role in someone else's heart. You know I'd rather walk alone than play a supporting role if I can't get the starring role.



but if the earth ends in fire                                                                                                                    & the seas are frozen in time
                                                                                               there'll be just one survivor:                                                                                                                  the memory that i was yours
                                                                                                              and you were mine.


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Gimme one more night
One last goodbye
Let’s do it one last time Let’s do it one last time One more time?


no i'm not the
type that you like,
why don't we
just pretend?
It's difficult to move on When nothing was right and nothing's wrong.
         you still mean
     to me, but i    wanna be free.
I know that I can't have it all,
But without you I am afraid I'll fall.
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