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You and I are related under the same two parents somewhere back in history. Think about it. Everyone alive on Earth today including you and I had to have two parents. Your parents had to have parents, which means you had to have four grandparents and eight great-grandparents. Every set of parents doubles exponentially, 16, 32, 64, 128, 256, 512, 1024, etc. As you go back in time, at some point, the doubling of total parents required to keep your family tree and my family tree separate becomes greater than the number of people on Earth at that time. (It only takes 33 generations to surpass 8 billion.) If it's greater by even a single person, we must share at least that one ancestor. Let's suppose that ancestor is female. If you go back another generation, it would require double the number of people on Earth to keep us from also having a common male ancestor, then quadruple, then eight times, 16 times, 32, 64, etc. You can see how mathematically necessary it is for everyone alive today, including you and I, to be related under the same male ancestor and the same female ancestor somewhere back in history. In fact, you and I are statistically likely to have many thousands of ancestors in common throughout history. Everyone alive on Earth today is literally family.

Think about that the next time you insult someone's lineage. You're insulting your own family member. You're insulting your own lineage.

Let's approach the math slightly differently. Suppose there are 7,000,000,000 people alive on Earth today. That would immediately require 14,000,000,000 parents to keep everyone separate, which is impossible, so we know many people on Earth are immediately brothers and sisters. Every previous generation requires double the previous number to keep people out of the same family. That's 28,000,000,000; 56,000,000,000; 112,000,000,000; etc. Since those numbers are increasingly impossible, it forces greater and greater numbers of people alive today to be in the same family. Also, as you go further back, the fewer and fewer people were actually alive on Earth at any time. You can see that the exponentially increasing impossible numbers of parents required to keep us separate and the decreasing actual population on Earth requires that we are all related.

This is math.

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I hate Math. I despise the day it as created. I wish it was gone.

Math to me:


100% plus extra credit! BOOYAH!
I'm so angry! So my math teacher gave me an f as a final grade which I thought was weird because I knew that I passed my final. Although I skipped like every other day cause I didn't like him but anyway. I emailed my guidance counselor seeing if I could retake the class online because of my anxiety and I didn't want to retake it my senior year. She emailed me back and was so confused. I didn't fail his class. Wasn't anywhere near failing his class. I'm so angry. I've always been decent at math. I've only failed one math class and it was because I didn't actually care but after that I passed every class with an A so I had no idea what he was going on about. But anyway, if you ever have Mr. Whittal at North Andover High, good luck. 
it's going to be so so so so soo very hard but i want to do it. i don't have to do it, but i want to. i'll always be thinking what if? and plus it'll give me bonus marks and it'll give me more knowledge and it'll be good. i haven't been giving it my all, but now it's time that i did. i've liked math for a long while, but it's about time i've fallen for it.

Breaking News:
I'm going to fail exams


A Poem,
inspired by the Math II SATs:

Math makes me sad,
math makes me cry,
math makes me want
to curl up and die.

Tell me how many


Are in the universe

And I'll tell you 

the circumference of the sun.
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