Math Quotes

Rule of Math:
If it seem's easy then your doing it wrong!
♥ Same ( ♂ = ♀ ) in love, different ( ≠ ) without ♠
I think the truth behind it,
is that I like having somewhere to escape to. Somewhere that is my own, where I am lost in numbers and letters and familiar repetition. No one can touch me there, no one can find me there.

*puts math book in between teeth* 
      It's a metaphor see.
writing “sorry” at the bottom of your math test

i hate when maths is so easy, then i realize i done it wrong.
Math class:
Because I totally need to know what inverse variation is.
Why do I feel like I'm signing my death warrent everytime I put my name on my Math homework?
And then Satan said, "Put the alphabet in math."

math teacher: okay so today we're going to learn about the exponent rules.
class: *blank stares* 
math teacher: if you don't learn them you're going to fail the quiz. Then ...*Gandalf voice* YOU SHALL NOT PASS.

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