Mcdonalds Quotes

Stop complaining about being single.

We have much bigger problems

Like why the h-ll McDonalds doesn't serve breakfast past 10:30!


is it bad that today  marks a
second   time   teenage  boys
have  taken a  picture  of me
via the Micky D's drive-thru?


*at work*

Me: Wow it's like super slow for a Saturday there's like no one here wot is going on 
Coworker: Well, it is sad outside. Cloudy and dreary... 

B*tches be like:
*shoves Big Mac in bra*

Story Time

So I was working today and this coworker, who is fourteen, needed
to get past me, and everytime he's behind me he likes to touch my
back to kinda push to to the side or something like I dunno why and
he scared me this time, and I let out this VERRYYY SEXUAL sounding
squeal, then he told me 
"Never make that sound again when I touch you".

and omg oops

It's official.
You can now order food online from McDonald's.

Going to

for a salad
Is like going to 
A Prositute
for a hug

if you were a burger at McDonalds, you'd be a McGorgeous.

I wish McDonald's would spend as much money on the quality of their food as they did on their scenery and touch screen stuff.
Best pick up line ever: Is your body from McDonalds? Because I'm Lovin' It
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