Meaning Quotes

Music means as much as you let it.

Grieving means believing those
you love were once a part of you.
When we love the ones we love,
we lose a part of our hearts, too. 

          Mm, what did you say?
      That you only meant well?
         Well, of course you did.

                                                        Mm, what'd you say?    
                                                     That it's all for the best?
                                                               Of course it is.    
                                                                                            That this is what we need - 
                                                                                                      You decided this. 
there's nothing on the tv, nothing on the radio
that means that much to me

We spend our lives working to stay alive so that one day we can die. 
I realize that people leave, because they already bought a ticket to another ride.
when the history of the world will be written, I will stand there tall, and order another beer
Everyone dies, but not everyone truly lives...

Nostalgia is a dirty liar that insists
things  were better   than
they                seemed.

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