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" A man that knows something knows that he knows nothing at all." 

- Erykah Badu 

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Wasnit it

Beautiful when

you Believed

Everythng and

Everybody Believed

in You...



I'll spend

my whole
L i f e t i m e,
L i f e l i n e
wrapped around

We build ourselves up,
Just to brutally tear ourselves down,
On a whim.
Sometimes to stay alive,
You gotta kill your mind.
She was the flame of a candle -

Steady and stately from afar,

But flickering and unsure when anyone tried to get near.
Isn't it obvious I'm a wreck?
I set these fires just for you

Isn't it obvious I've calmed down?
I saved my breakdowns just for you
You said you never wanna be saved,

Well, that's okay because I really wouldn't know how.
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