Meaningful Quotes

"We are unusual and tragic and alive."
                                                                                                                                                - Dave Eggers
"I adore the struggle you carry in yourself,
I adore your terrifying sincerity."
- Anais Nin in a letter to Henry Miller
~True love never dies~
Do I bore you with my problems?
              Is that why you turn away?
In the end, only three things matter: how much you loved, how gently you lived, and how gracefully you let go of things not meant for you
Can someone tell me what's wrong with me
Because I've liked this guy for almost two years
And even though we don't talk on a regular basis
When we do talk, it's really meaningful
Because we talk about things like
Trust (he has trust issues) and image
And he was telling me all these things about
How I shouldn't let my parents rule my life
And how apparently I'm smart enough
To be able to do whatever I want
And I just don't even know anymore
Is it because there are prettier girls?
Funnier girls? More confident girls?
Girls who are in you clique?
In your league? 
None of the guys I've liked in the past
Have ever returned the feelings
Why? Just why?
"It's just another nightmare sweetie
you'll wake up in the morning again
and you will see it was only make believe"
they said.
But they were wrong...
-You can be the reason for my smile or the reason for my tears -You can be my rainy day Or my sun when the sky is clear -You can be the one I love or the one I hate -You can be the one I met by accident or the one by fate - You can be my everything but it's your choice to make
Cheers to the friend who's always there. The only one who can stop your anxiety, or your depressing thoughts. They make you laugh, they help you cry, and they strengthen you to be a better person. They may not even know how much you mean to them. Cheers to them.
I can't promise you that things are gonna be perfect, but I can swear to you that I'll never leave ♥
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