Mental Quotes

i need hugs and snuggles
how do you not let your brain get the best of you? your mind knows you're crazy but your brain still wont catch on...your mind knows the anxiety is not logical but the brain continues to go does one remedy this?
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winter solstice + bipolar + transitions + hormones + seasonal depression = insanity
it's happenetwicani  neeit thappen a third   time simplbecausthreis a  morcomplete   numberwhis my brain   like this? i need to turn  myselinbut  it wondo  anything. whcamy  brain bodanmind   never align?

the worst part is knowing it's coming and not being able to stop it
I specialize in helping people Overcome The Stumbling Blocks that keep them from achieving their goals and dreams and Move Beyond The Mental Road Blocks holding them back from: Living a More Fulfilling, Enjoyable and Purposeful Life.
Mental illness may feed of you, but you do NOT feed of mental illness. YOU were there before it and you will be there after it. It may take a while, it may take more than once, but all things that are worth it do.
Keep breathing x


you'll never find
peace of mind
until you listen
to your heart

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