Mhm Quotes

Feels like I'm asleep, but I’m awake

In this dre
am I never see your face
I'm just a step
Can't remember why you went away

Pinch m
e cause I know it's a mistake
I wanna se
e your eyes
If you're looking for love
Know that love don't live here
He left with my heart
They both wa
lked through that door
without me
If you're tryin
g to find pity well, you need to
look somewhe
re else
'Cause I surely can't help you
I'm hurting myse
I've turned into someone else
I got the best news today, so my cousin and his friend have been talking again after a big fight that went down a couple months. Anyways I had always liked him and had a crush on him. We used to be so close. He told my cousin and his mom a while back that if he wasn't in a relationship that he'd be with me. Well today I found out that they broke up which is amazing because she was psycho!! I just can't afford to get hurt again...
I hate being single, but with the trust issues i have and the demons, and heartache I've been through just makes me want to stay single.. iI just don't know what else to do.
Our love story
was a scripted heartbreak.
It rains when you're here,
and it rains when you're gone.
I use to shun love so that people like you
didn't make me feel exactly like this.
I guess I thought if I loved you enough,
it would fill the space between us,
and press against the walls. There would
be cracks and fissures in the sheetrock.
And maybe, just maybe, the pressure
would be enough to keep us from
falling apart.

How would you feel if nobody chased you?
What if it happened tonight?
My future spouse should know:
-I live in books
-I have a billion notebooks, but only use a handful of them.
-I will get excited if a song I like comes on the radio.
-I take horrendously long showers.
-I don't cry much, but when I do, it's at my lowest.
-A hug can go a long way.
-I'm as loyal as they get.
-I get very uncomfortable around too many people.
-I drink coffee all the time.
-I check my watch a lot so I have something to do, not because I have somewhere to be.
-I love surprises.
-I love when people leave little random notes for me. (Post-its, inside covers of books, ect.)
-There isn't a single day that I won't listen to the things on your mind.
-I get through most days by thinking "It'll pass. We'll figure it out."
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