Mhmmm Quotes

Summer expectation: Get thin, get a boyfriend, gain the ability to do a pushup, tan, swim, go over to friends houses, PARTAYYYYY, eat like I'm not going to gain weight, meet a unicorn

Summer reality: Food

Calling some ugly won't make you pretty.
Calling someone dumb won't make you smart.
Calling someone fake won't make you real.
When reading witty quotes:

- what
- oh
- why does this have 5 faves
- why does this ONLY HAVE 10 FAVES
- whoa
- Omg, are we allowed to say that?
- urgh, weirdo
- omg i remember this
- this again?
- ew
- this quote!
- i see a spelling mistake
- i need to comment 
- this is beautiful
- no no no
- i love you
- what
- i dont get this quote but that is an awesome format
- omg i remember this song lyric
- haha

I think it would suck for a guy if a woman was to go to war because when it is her time of month, she will not give a stuff whos side your on, she will shoot you anyway!
Just give me something to hold on to..
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