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has it occurred to anyone yet
that to step up you must first push down?
                     has it occurred to anyone yet
that to step up you must first push down?

oh please

  let this

          work out

I lost a great innocence when I understood that I and my mind were not going to be on good terms for the rest of my life. I can’t tell you how tired I am of character-building experiences. But I treasure this part of me; whoever loves me loves me with this in it.


I finally figured out that I’m solitary by nature, but at the same time I know so many people; so many people think they own a piece of me. They shift and move under my skin, like a parade of memories that simply won’t go away. It doesn’t matter where I am, or how alone—I always have such a crowded head.

                          —Charles de Lint

idk all of the things that used to make me happy don't really do much for me anymore. i'm just kind of here and every atom in me doesn't want to be.


Why does the mind do such things?
Turn on us, rend us, dig the claws in.
If you get hungry enough, they say,
you start eating your own heart.
Maybe it’s much the same.

so, I have come to the conclusion that work is making me lose my mind. apparently things I think happened two days ago was last month. I'm so tired. send help.

shadows come with the pain
that you're running from


I wake up in the morning and check my phone hoping to find your text
disappointed I put my phone away and then I remember you don't know I miss you
I should tell you what I think and how I feel but that means destroying everything.
So deciding against it I finally get out of bed.
So I get by on the hope that I'll get trough it all 
after all aren't the ones we love worth the pain?
I guess in the end it comes down to this:
I would give you the world if only you'd ask me but you never will
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