Mirror Quotes

 "A gentleman has certainly a class,but he is most probably not one who is posting own picture online relentlessly for likes votes and praising oneself only by standing in front of mirror or glass."
~Anuj Somany
"The prudent people are able to measure a person's level of selfishness
by the amount of time s/he spends enjoying looking to oneself in the mirror.
~Anuj Somany

"I cannot see myself. The mirror is blackened and dark, my vision clouded and blurred. 
Sure, I could clean the mirror. I could rub my eyes, and maybe the soot would wash out.
Maybe I would be able to see myself. But...why would I want to? Why would I want to see
the man I have become? The bored, stoic expression on my face. The rigidity of my posture,
indicating stress and nervousness. The white-knuckled grip of my fists, clenched tightly so as 
keep the rage at bay. The dull, life-less eyes staring back. Those damned eyes. I hate them.
Once I see them, I won't be able to unsee them. I'd have to remove them, and still, I'd see them.
So no, I will not clean the mirror. I will not rub the soot from my eyes. I cannot see myself. It is
better that way."
The mirror is my best friend because when I cry it never laugh

Cracked liked an old mirror
Held together with dust
The light shine
Of what could have been
Is so bright
It could blind
But past the warm
As sunlight glare
The shattered reality
Is reflecting back

I look in the mirror
and I don't like what I see

- The Breakfast Club

And we stretched our arms out far,
Like a thin small piece of thread.
You were holding onto your life.
While I'm the only one who's trying,

To stop you from letting go, of the rope.
I realized when we hug, we stretch.
Trying to reach other, from the other side.
I've been trying to breathe, but I can't.

And you were looking at me in the mirror,
My own reflection, watching me as I cry.
Have I ever told you it was hard?. Too see,
Your parents cry, and tell you, it was okay.

Every "hey are you okay" or the "stop being weak".
Trust me, I tried holding onto the rope,
I can feel the small strands cutting off. 
The girl I tried so hard to hold onto..
Was just me, in the mirror.

This face on the mirror is so unfamiliar to me
"Never trust a mirror, 
It only shows you what's skin deep. 
You can't see how your eyelids flutter,
When you're drifting off to sleep. 
It doesn't show you what the world sees,
When you're only being you. 
Or how your eyes just light up,
When you're loving what you do. 
It doesn't capture when you're smiling,
Where no-one else can see. 
And your reflection cannot tell you, 
Everything you mean to me. 
Never trust a mirror,
For it only shows your skin. 
And if you think it dictates what you're worth,
It's time you looked within.
And when I look
into the mirror,
all I see is a
stranger staring
back at me.

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