Misery Quotes

only two positions:
victimizer or victim
both end up in

destruction for
trusting this
crooked system

I always thought you'd come back
tell me
all you found was
heartbreak and misery

It's hard for me to say
I'm jealous of the way
You're happy without me

She's dying inside though she says she's fine but can't you tell it's a lie,
don't you see it in her dull eyes?
She told you she was down
yet you let it slip by so from then on she kept it all inside,
She told herself she was alright

But she was telling white lies
Can't you tell,
look at her dull eyes.
misery Loves company.
isery was Looking for me.
isery got Me.
and now its never Leaving me.
Those who speak about their misery usually hurt; those who keep silent hurt more.

So scared of breaking it
                             that you won't let it bend

I know so well I don't know what I want but baby I know I don't want you
I need you
Be my saviour 
Heal my pain
Show me what it is 
To be happy in love 
Misery is familiarity
And you, my friend
Are the epitome of familiar

I want to disappear into absolutely nothing I want no on to remember me like I was never here

Reasons for my misery:

• boys
• being fat
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