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i hate mosquitoes, i mean i know Im delicious but damn
To be fair here, mosquitoes are actually romantic creatures.They whisper to your ear before they sting you.And that needed to be said.
What do you mean i don't like animals??Do you know how many mosquitoes i feed every single night??


when you're on your period.

Why Everyone Hates Mosquitoes

My parents:  Oh no!  We forgot to pack mosquito repellent for when you go to China!
Me:  It's okay.  I'll just let the mosquitoes bite me.
Me:  How bad can it be?

Me:  *flies to China*
Me:  *goes to grandma's house*
Me:  *gets ten mosquito bites*
Me:  They're not that itchy.
Me:  *gets fifteen mosquito bites*
Me:  They're fine as long as I don't scratch them.  *scratches one until it leaves a hole in my finger*
Me:  *gets twenty mosquito bites*
Me:  Must stop scratching.  *scratches mosquito bites until they bleed*
Me:  *gets twenty-five mosquito bites*.
Me:  *starts slapping myself to stop scratching*
Me:  *wakes up in the middle of the night and hears a mosquito buzzing next to my ear*
Me:  *pulls covers over my face*
Mosquito:  Oh no you don't.
Mosquito:  *flies in through the gaps*
Mosquito:  *bites my forehead*
Mosquito:  *bites my cheeks*
Mosquito:  *bites my chin*
Me:  *slaps own face to kill mosquito*
Me:  *misses epically*
Mosquito:  *buzzes annoyingly away*
Me:  *runs downstairs to get the electric mosquito swatter*
Me:  *lays awake trying to electrocute mosquito*
Mosquito:  *buzzes next to my face*
Me:  *violently swings mosquito swatter around*
Me:  *hits self*
Me:  Oww.........
Me:  *sees mosquito*
Me:  *swings mosquito swatter*
Mosquito:  *gets electrocuted and dies*
Me:  *lays down again*
Me:  *hears another mosquito*
Me:  Why.

The Next Morning
My Grandma:  Don't scratch your forehead.  You have really big pimples.
Me:  They're mosquito bites.
My Grandma:
My Grandma:  Oh.

Another true story.
That horrible moment when you wake up
in the middle of the night
and hear a mosquito buzzing in your ear.

BravoSierra's format
Mosquitoes are the only things that want me?

Campers: Nature's way of feeding mosquitoes.
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