Motivation Quotes

Every day has 1440 minutes. Each minute is an opportunity to be unhappy or to Rejoice, to waste or to Value Life, or to just exist or Make a Difference.
The key to Happiness is to be able to change Pain into Pleasure, Darkness into Light, & Sorrow into Joy. This can occur only if we have the Courage to Change.
To be Happier, Healthier, and Wealthier choose a Positive Mental Attitude. React and respond Positively. That’s the biggest wealth of life.
Anybody can wine and dine, but it takes courage to truly Shine.

don’t lose who you are
in the blur of the stars.
seeing is deceiving,
dreaming is believing,
it’s okay not to be okay.
sometimes it’s hard
to follow your heart –
tears don’t mean you’re losing,
everybody’s bruising,
there’s nothing wrong
with who you are.


One who lives with Faith says IT WILL HAPPEN, while the one who lives without it asks WILL IT HAPPEN?
How much you achieve in Life is not as important as how much you enjoy each moment of Life.
People think differently about Life after Death; some agree and some disagree. But everyone agrees that Death is certain. The challenge is TO LIVE before we die.
Life is a Treasure Hunt and we all have the key to it. Unfortunately, many of us don’t unlock it, but take the key to our grave.
Those who Discover the High Sea are the ones who are FREE to Be what they Want to Be.
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