Motivational Quotes

If you refrain from clicking on a 'test your IQ' ad, your IQ goes up by 15 points.
If I really want my life to change, it’s up to me to hire a life coach to change it. 
There are worse places to have a monkey than on your back.
It's what you're inside that matters.

Motivational Quotes for Parasites

All directed energy is a weapon.
It's not the size of the dog in the fight, it's the size of the dog it's fighting.
The fact that dropped toast always lands buttered side down would be a blessing if you kept your floor covered in marmalade.
You can't control everything that happens to you,
but you can control whether you write
a sappy motivational quote about it.

Don't try this at home.  Do this at home or do this at home not, there is no try.

What I love
And what I have set free
And what I await the return of
Is me
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