Motivational Quotes

We're all hardened structures, but some of us have a greater blast pressure per square centimeter resistance ratio.
Throxymoron n.  A three-way oxymoron (ex. 'work-life balance').
Whatever doesn't kill me – on the contrary, whatever has more than once saved my life.
Today, as in the past, a successful career requires sacrifice.  And today, as in the past, there's usually a maiden and a volcano involved.
Letter to My Younger Self. 

Dear younger self: That idea you had ten minutes ago to write a letter to your younger self was totally sappy.

What you can't rise above, you may yet seep under.
Before you 'just breathe,' please be considerate and have a breath mint.
'Do or do not?' 

... Don't we do or do not already, pretty much all the time?
When fortune smiles on you, check to see if she's licking her chops.
We can't change the cards we're dealt – but we can pretend to suddenly have a seizure and collapse on top of the card table, scattering everyone's cards everywhere (though usually not more than once per card game).
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