Motivational Quotes

What I love
And what I have set free
And what I await the return of
Is me

If you don't levitate for something, you'll stand for everything.

My uncle once told me 'There are no shortcuts to any place worth going.'

I said 'To get here to see you, I took a short cut.'

My uncle pretty much leaves me alone now.

The map is not the territory.  The territory contains way more errors.
In order to write, first you must get into the habit of writing!
Carpe diem ante capit vos.  (Seize the day before it seizes you.)
You got this!  But with effective antibiotics, you should make a full recovery within one to two weeks.
To me, 'problem' is just another word for opportunity.  Plus, 'problem' is easier to say.
Fate loves the fearless especially with pesto.
Seize the day. 
Constrict the day. 
Swallow the day whole.

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