Best Motivational Quotes This Year

You will definitely succeed in your life

if you follow all the advices that you give to others

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i love birthdays they're so motivational like
if i can manage to keep myself alive for another year i'll get money and cake


i realized i don't care about this bullshi.t
as much as i thought i did.

       Fall seven times    

                                                        stand up  eight.

I always wondered
why somebody
never did anything
about that. 
Then I realized,

I am somebody


You are allowed to feel proud of yourself for things that might seem silly to other people.
Like getting better at a video game or putting together a nice outfit for the next morning or finishing a book.
You deserve to feel proud for your accomplishment.

We can't laugh again again on the same joke,

then why do we cry again again for the same pain       

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you've never had, go do something you've never done.

Roses are red

Voilets are blue

You have no clue

What i am going through

My scariest dream

Has been come true

But im pretty brave enough

To face those scares

i wont be broken

Im sorry to you

For not doing what you thought

For not being turned into pieces

I've my friends and family

Who love me for what i am

Who the f/ck needs you

note: this first time im writting a peom like thing. So if it looks weird or has mistakes please dont act like i've committed any crime. I wrote this for those people who cut and do self harm after being heartbroken. stay strong

Always Keep

the Simple

and Loving


of Your


-Lewis Carroll
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