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abolish the concept of believing those younger than you are dumber or inferior.
I think it is impossible to say you do not really care what people think of you...Everyone cares about what someone thinks of them, in some way
I don't like telling people I love them everyday.
Because I think it becomes generic if said too much.
Like something thrown over your shoulder as you
walk away without looking back. Something that loses
meaning when it's said over and over.
Saying it occasionally gives it color. It tells the person
that that is exactly what you're thinking, right at that moment.
It's not something you just think is the right thing to say when
you are rushing out the door after missing your alarm.
I'm really sensitive
Because I don't think making fun of people with disabilities is funny
I see teens do it all the time
And they think they are so dang funny
HA HA HA HA it's not funny at all
Some people are born this way
And they can't change it
Some people get in acciddents
And they can't change it
When my dad was 18 he got in a motorcycle accident
The docotor told him he'd never walk again
Or even have children
33 years later he has 2 children
And can walk
He walks really funny but at least he can walk
I don't appreciate people making fun of him
And just because of that it doesn't mean he's not smart
My dad is smart
I love my dad
I'm sorry for this rant
I just want to remind people that actions hurt
Some of my friends have disabilites
And I don't find jokes about that funny
The person thinks they are "cute and cool" for impersonating someone who's disabled
But it's really rude

I have a natural urge to refuse to get along with any adult. I refuse to become friends with one or have any kind of relationship without a sort of business mindset or out of courtesy. Maybe its because I'm too scared to eventually become one or maybe its because of all of the bull I have seen them capable of doing.
Posting text posts from tumblr shouldnt count as a quote.

The term 'soul mate' is such a confusing term, some believe it to be at someone who they'll feel true love, some think it's someone you'll be with forever, some think it's someone who it's meant to be with

I personally think its a spiritual bond that makes you feel like you can not live a day without them, that person who makes you constantly smile without trying and that person that makes you feel wanted when you feel unwanted. 
I do believe in second chances, 
I just don't believe that 
everyone deserves one. 

Peoples minds are so narrow minded these days, they only believe what they see and it's just annoying, no wonder there's no acceptance or people are shy about standing up about something they believe in.

You know,I actually liked when people kept on writing about the same topic,I would just sit back with my popcorn,and read away.
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My quote.Do NOT Steal.

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