Mypoem Quotes

The Unknown
By: Chasitia

It causes fear
It brings curiousity
It makes you tremble
It creates panic
It frustrates you
It makes you believe
It shows threat
It beacons of dispear
It symbolizes evil
It helps you sweat
It sounds of madness
It bestows upon you weakness
It swirls with danger
But what is "IT"?

Nobody knows.


Use to believe that I had friends, turns out they were just the voices inside my head.
And at night I'd see them in the shadows on the walls,
making me think that I'm insane, watching me as I fall.
They would tell me things things that my emotional mental being couldn't shake,
making me wish that I wouldn't wake. 
What am I doing to myself , because I don't even know. 
Feeling so lost in my thoughts, feeling all alone. 
I get told that it'll get better, that's what some say anyways. 
But I've felt like this for so long, how will I ever know? 


Theres just some things you can't unsee

Like smothered hopes and broken dreams

Like forced skin on skin and awful screams

Like rejected food and puking scenes

Like tattered ropes and guns that gleam

Like bottles and pills and wrists

that bleed



We use to lie
Yet apart
The city was asleep
While we were awake
The sun would set
And rise again
We spoke of our thoughts
and dreams forgotten.
We'd laugh at nothing
Because we could.
That's all at our backs now.
But I still
How effortless
It felt.

Dreams: Revisited

I want me...
A slow drinker
And a lazy smoker
Who talks about life
And sucks at poker
A rough handed man
With a thoughtful mind
A  heart so strong
And a love so blind
I want me...
A slow dance
And a lazy song
To forget about life
And just sing along
A moonlit walk
With one thought in mind
A night so long
And a place to hide
I want me...
A slower life
And lazy days
To just drift by
Like ocean waves
A softer way
With peace of mind
A kinder day
With you by my side

Some say distance can extinguish a fire
Because there is no love, life, or desire
But I desire you
Like rain desires tears to wash away
Like the sun desires the moon, for it lets it live another day
And I hope we're full of life
Like my heart is full of life when I think of you
Like the ground is full of life, freshly-glistened with dew
And love captures us
Like the theif of nature blows through and captures leaves, hats
And stars capture dreamers, leading them to believe that
The world is full of love, life, and desire
And no distance, however great, can quench its ever-burning fire

I wrote this for a guy on here... but he's not speaking to me. :/ Please don't steal


She said,
"Wrap your arms around me,
And don't ever let me go
When you tell me you love me,
Show me that it's true
If your friends tease and taunt me,
Stand up for me
And tell them to stop
When you know I'm feeling lost,
Hug me and kiss me
And tell me that you're here forever
Be my rock, my protection, my comfort,
In this crazy messed up world."
Please cheer up,
recious lil buttercup
Cuz though you feel so down,
d though nothing seems alright
gs are going to change for you,
I p
romise they will
Life hasn't been treating you right,
s not been treating you as it should
d it has instead tossed you around,
it's only ever tricked and taunted you
But now you're lucky,
lucky because you've been found
remove that look of dispair,
d replace it with one of hope and joy
uz I will be your solace,
'll be the one to change your life,
one who'll make it better
Since you've always deserved to be happy,
ou've always deserved love and hope
so now your days of darkness are all over,
and in their place you'll have light and joy

humans are funny. they have silly customs like closing their eyelids when the sky is dark and slamming the palms of their hands together when another human does something they enjoy. they not only use their voices to speak to other humans, but put background music behind their voices and then sell them so energetic girls and boys can move their hips to the rhythm. they use minerals to decorate their cheeks and define their eyes. they weave silk and cotton and so much more to cover their beautiful bodies with. they build things, like houses and friendships. they make an involuntary goal to impress others with their human abilities. what's the point of all of this? i don't think anyone knows, but it's sure entertaining watching all these humans doing all the cute things they do.


To: The Walls

I'm writing to the walls
Because they're always here
They understand my doubts
And experience my fears

I'm writing to the floor
There to catch me when I fall
It's always there to help me
And support me like the walls
I'm writing to the ceiling
That shelters me at night
It understands the danger
Of loneliness's bite
I'm writing to the windows
Those ever-seeing eyes
That give me new perspective
On the permanent good-byes
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