Myroom Quotes

My room, it is like my cave. If you make me up to early I might just smother you.
Or just pull you down and cuddle you.
Do you wanna take any chances though? 

Me: *casually sitting in my room*
Brother: *opens door*
Brother: Come on in camera crew. This is my little sister, Caitlin. 
Me: What's going on?
Brother: She's a hoarder. She's been a hoarder for several years now and it affects the whole family. 

My room is not messy; it is an obstacle course designed to keep me fit

I have a mini fridge in my room. 
That sounds really cool, but it is soooo bad.
I hoard food up here, so I never go downstairs. 
I've also recently come to the beautiful realization that I can take all of my empty juice bottles and fill them up with water. 
So basically......
I'm never leaving my little hobbit hole of a room ever again.
Me: Oh wow it is a little chilly in here..
Me: *slides hands under the bottom of my laptop*

Me When I Am In My Room

Me: *pretends not to hear and stays where I am*

Mom: *talking to someone else and mentions my name*
Me: *downstairs in two seconds*



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