Mysterious Quotes

many tried
but failed to catch me
i am the ghost of ghosts
everywhere and nowhere
i am magic tricks
within magic within magic
none have figured out
i am a world wrapped in worlds
folded in suns and moons
you can try but
you won’t get those hands on me


each morning she wakes with a dream to describe
something lovely that bloomed from her beautiful mind


I have always had a love
for monsters who make me their own, for vampire's sweet kisses, and the werewolf's lonely howl. I become one with the darkness for the taste of scorching fire lips, and surrender to the demons who pull me into their caress.

All these girls pull off seeming mysterious but if I try I just seem like an a$$hole.

So I have been on Witty for a year or longer
and has anyone else noticed that all the " wittians "
who kept getting top quotes are leaving.

I remember when peoples quotes were on the 
topr quotes of the months they had over 700+ hearts
now they have around 150 

What has happened to Witty?


my eyes tell a story my lips can't explain ♥

okay, so, did you ever meet someone &not really know them, but with everything inside you you wanna? today, i met this kid &he is so funny &cute &interesting &mysterious, but he just seems so sad. like, idk why, but it's just kinda an attraction to him. he is really different &just so mysterious &that makes me reallywanna know him. he seems like a perfect guy &i really wanna know who he is on the inside. from what i've heard from him so far, he seems really depressed &hating life, so i wanna see who he is beyond that.. i have no idea why.
 am i the only one who has ever felt like this?

She has something hidden behind her eyes that weaves and catches like a gasoline
rainbow through water, and will suck you in like a black hole.
She is nothing but the most beautiful ghoul; the loveliest corpse to be,

and has deepest stare you'll ever see.
She's a gorgeous toxicity.

She has a heart like an empty marble bird bath, but swears it's still there,
just in a state of paralysis. So go ahead and try to fill it, but she's dead as the
timber at dawn, and will make sure you get lost trying to navigate to the center

of the soul she made a maze. 

There are skeletons tattooed under her tongue, and she can taste the names of every one.
They will never drag their bones from behind her teeth, for she has built
a penthouse prison of bitter tang in secret within her vocal chords.



Little girls/guys think it's necessary

to put all their business on MySpace and Facebook,

and I think it's a shame.

..I'm all about mystery.




The world

is full of obvious things


...nobody any chance

...ever observes.


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